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9 Steps to Staging Your Home!

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

9 Steps to Staging Your Home!

If you are getting your home ready to sell, here are 9 simple steps to staging your home! Click on the photo to learn about making your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Photo: hgtv.ca

Photo: hgtv.ca

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Exterior Home Staging: A Checklist To Prepare Your Home For Sale: Improving Your Home’s Saleability

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Exterior Home Staging: A Checklist To Prepare Your Home For Sale: Improving Your Home’s Saleability


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Front Door

  • Replace or repaint worn front door to create a good impression.
  • Polish or add brass knocker.
  • Make sure front door has a working peephole.
  • Check doorbell and repair or replace as necessary.
  • Replace worn mailbox.
  • Make sure house number is clearly visible and attractive.
  • Polish, repair and/or replace all door handles and locks.  Make sure all outside doors have deadbolts or other safety locks.




  • Mow lawn, remove all weed and water regularly.
  • Use a good quality lawn food to make grass healthy and ammonia sulfate (available at garden or hardware store) to bring out the green.  Reseed or resod thin or brown lawn.
  • Cut grass back from edge of house as well as from plants and trees.
  • Trim edges by fences, walls, walkways, sidewalk, driveway and around plants, hedges and trees.
  • Remove all children’s toys, garden tools and hoses.
  • Repair loose or broken fences, or cracked or loose retaining walls.
  • Clean up after pets.


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  • Remove all dead limbs.
  • Remove and/or replace dead trees or shrubs.  You can also use potted plants in yard and them take them along with you when you move.
  • Trim shrubs.
  • Remove overhanging or intruding limbs from walkways, gutters and utility lines.  Cut limbs from neighbouring yards.
  • Spray for insect infestations.
  • Trim all vines or other growths from fences.


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  • Remove debris from all surfaces.
  • Clear storage areas.
  • Restain, repaint or seal all wooden decks.
  • Check and secure all railings.
  • Clear all spider webs and insect nests.
  • Wash entire area.
  • Resurface stained or worn areas.  Repair all cracks.


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  • Remove snow from driveway and all walkways in winter
  • Resurface stained or cracked areas.
  • Patch all holes.
  • Seal all asphalt.
  • Replace thin gravel areas.


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House Exterior

  • Repaint or reshingle if necessary.
  • Check all shutters and awnings.  Tighten if loose or replace if worn.
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts.  Repair or replace if necessary.
  • Check, repair and replace flashings, vents, chimneys, stacks and skylights.
  • Check, repair and replace exterior lighting as necessary.  Use bright bulbs.
  • Paint all railings.
  • Repair cracks in foundation, walls and steps.
  • Clear leaves, snow, ice or other debris from walkways and porches.
  • Replace worn trashcans.

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Interior Home Staging: A Checklist To Prepare Your Home For Sale: Improving Your Home’s Saleability

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Interior Home Staging: A Checklist To Prepare Your Home For Sale: Improving Your Home’s Saleability

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Living Room

  • Rearrange furniture to enhance the room’s appearance.
  • Remove all excess furniture or rugs on top of rugs.
  • Review colour scheme of walls, drapery, carpets and furniture.  If the room is too dark, repaint the walls, add brighter wallpaper, replace dark paneling or install lighter carpets and drapes.
  • Remove magazines, books and other personal items from surfaces.
  • Clean carpeting, mop and wax or vacuum all floors and dust furniture.
  • Make sure all walls are clean and free from holes and dents.  If necessary, use spackling compound for dent and holes before painting.
  • Rearrange bookshelves and knickknacks to enhance the room’s overall impression.

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  • Rearrange pantry and cupboards to create a neat and orderly appearance.
  • Clean all appliances and sinks.
  • Place new burner plates under the burners of stove.
  • Clean or patch grouting between tiles and replace missing or cracked tiles.
  • Use porcelain repair products to fix chipped porcelain on sinks and appliances.
  • Polish faucets and faucet handles.  Buy replacement faucet knobs if necessary.
  • Make sure all appliances are in proper working order.
  • Remove all garbage.
  • Check oven to ensure that all vents are clear of grease and odours.  Clean or replace filters, ventilation and exhaust fan.
  • Replace low-wattage light bulbs to make the room as bright as possible.  For very dark kitchens, install track lighting.
  • Paint cabinets or install new ones.
  • Replace older cabinet handles.

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Dining Room

  • Thoroughly clean dining room table.  Revarnish the surface if necessary.
  • Repair worn upholstery on chairs.
  • Clean glass in china cabinet and polish china and silver on display.

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  • Check tiles.  Replace all that are worn or chipped.
  • Replace floors worn by water damage.
  • Caulk and grout tile joints.
  • Remove all grime, water stains and mildew.
  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces.
  • Repair all leaky faucets and shower heads.
  • Polish faucets and faucet handles.  Buy replacement faucet knobs in necessary.
  • Clear counter tops and rearrange cabinets inside to create a neat and orderly appearance.
  • Clean and rearrange medicine cabinet.  Remove clutter.
  • Put out fresh towels, including a guest towel.
  • Check strength and condition of all towel racks.  Tighten loose racks.
  • Replace worn shower or bath curtains.
  • Install bright light bulbs.
  • Check exhaust fan.  Repair if in poor condition.  Clean vent openings.

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  • Rearrange furniture to improve impression
  • Remove excess furniture: no more than one double/queen/king bed or more than two twin beds per room, or extra chairs, dressers or night stands.
  • Make all beds and wash all bed coverings and replace if worn.
  • Remove loose or extra toys and clutter from children’s rooms.
  • Clean all carpets, floors and drapes.  Leave drapes open to brighten rooms.
  • Replace burned out or low-wattage light bulbs.
  • Clean night stands and side table surfaces.
  • Remove personal items and clothing from all surfaces.

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  • Install lights where needed.
  • Rearrange storage areas and remove clutter.
  • Rearrange clothing to create an orderly, roomy impression and pack away excess or out-of-season clothing to give a spacious appearance.
  • Repaint inside surfaces if needed to make closets as bright as possible.
  • For smaller closets, install shelves to increase storage space.

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Garage/Basement/Attic/Utility/Laundry Rooms

  • Rearrange storage areas and remove clutter.
  • Clean floors, removing oil stains and dirt.
  • Sweep the entire area.
  • Clear workshop area and store all tools and equipment.
  • Remove all spider webs, lint and dirt.
  • Make sure all openings to outside are screened or vented.
  • Check washer and dryer, clean filters and call service company for required maintenance.
  • Clean appliance surfaces.
  • Remove all laundry.
  • Repair sagging beams as needed.
  • Check for water damage, make needed repairs.
  • Investigate musty odours or smell of gas and make necessary repairs.
  • Repair broken lights.
  • Inspect air conditioning, furnace and water heater for maximum safety and energy efficiency.  Replace filters and maintain as needed.
  • Check insulation and repair or replace as necessary.

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Living Areas

  • Repaint when wall or ceiling conditions are poor, or previous paint is faded or too dark.  Paint in white, beige or light pastels.
  • Remove wallpaper that is too bold, outdated or damaged.  Replace with neutral paint or subtle, tasteful and neutral prints so that colour scheme coordinates throughout the house.
  • Replace loose, shifted or deteriorated sheetrock or panels.  Repair all cracks and holes.
  • Clean all walls and mouldings.
  • Wash all windows and replace broken panes.  Also replace all cut or rusted screens.
  • Check all windows for alignment and ease of operation.  Repair so they work freely.
  • Check window mouldings and weather stripping, and repair for water damage and age.
  • Clean and check all draperies and repair or replace as necessary.
  • Clean and wax exposed floors.
  • Repair creaking or loose floorboards.
  • Repair loose steps, and check stairs for loose handrails, treads or posts.
  • Clean carpets or replace old, worn carpets or rugs.
  • Check all doors.  Oil to eliminate noises, tighten knobs and hinges and ensure that all doors shut and/or lock properly.
  • Replace all broken light bulbs, cracked lighting fixtures or old switches and plates.
  • Repair all inoperative electrical outlets and plugs.
  • Polish all brass, chrome or glass surfaces.
  • Make sure all smoke alarms and burglar alarms are functioning properly and add or replace them as necessary.
  • Keep fresh flowers on display.
  • Open windows before showing home to air it out.
  • Eliminate all odours with a pleasant air freshener.
  • Remove pet bedding, food and water dishes, and litter boxes.

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